CSR Activities

CSR Activities


A company anniversary is a very special event which deserves recognition. Exactly a year ago, a new branch was born to operate in Dansoman and its environs. This new out-door branch has solved a lot of financial solutions since its establishment.

The Dansoman branch of Goldman Capital started operating on 17th of March, 2015 with few staff and clients. It is indeed said that every successful company is backed by people who have combined their creativity, diligence, and passion to support products and services and this is what staff and clients of the Dansoman branch has done within the year.


The 1st anniversary celebration was marked in a grand style within the week with clients. The celebration started from 17th-23rd March, 2016. Activities for the anniversary commenced with anniversary launch on Thursday 17th March followed by a cleanup exercise, float and distribution of Goldman souvenirs to clients and customers in the environs of Dansoman.


The anniversary was climaxed with a special treat for all walk-in clients and customers.


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