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Goldman Capital is a member of the Ghana Association of Microfinance and a fastgrowing micro-finance company that is poised to provide tailor-made and need-specific financial solutions to individuals and businesses in Ghana.

We are a set of skillful, highly efficient, well-trained, customer-centered professionals always providing cutting-edge, affordable and sustainable financial solutions to our clients where ever they are in Ghana. We adhere to industry standards and international best practices as we strive to make the financial worries of most Ghanaians, a story, written in past tense.

We offer to our clients tailored services spanning Flexible Loans, High-yielding investments packages and test-proven and result-oriented business advisory services. We operate with trust, honesty, respect, commitment and a high sense of professionalism.
Our network of branches with corporate head office in Kwashieman-Accra, allow us to serve different clients with different financial needs and services, in the Greater Accra, Western and Central regions.
We are fully aware that if these businesses and individuals are not empowered to fulfil their potentials, development as a whole will be retarded. This factor and many others, as expressed above, inspire us to operate on the following convictions and corporate philosophy.

Business Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is hinged on the fact that, though, there are many financial service providers, many individuals and businesses across Ghana are not provided with affordable, solution-based and need-tailored financial products and services. We therefore help our clients to overcome these financial challenges and put smiles on their faces.
We believe risk can be minimised, therefore we do detailed analysis on the financial capacity of the client and offer a tailored facility to suit their business through our business advisory services.

Our version and Mission Statements


To be the financial house you can turn to for all forms of financial solutions especially to individuals and businesses in the informal sector across the country.


To provide tailor-made financial solutions delivered to reach our clients in an affordable, effective, efficient, professional and mutually beneficial way.

Core Values

Teamwork, experience, accountability, and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

We at Goldman believe that politeness and respect are the best capital ever invested in a business. We aim to create an environment where the client knows that their satisfaction is the most important thing to us. You are truly significant to our existence.

Why we exist

Our team at Goldman Capital comprises of highly trained, efficient and customer-friendly professionals whose purpose is to satisfy the financial needs of clients we also have state of the art, as well as industry, accredited operational systems that make our services one of the best, if not the best in the country.

The trust, respect, and honesty of our clients are very dear to our heart and that is why we deliver our services with high professionalism.

In addition, to ensure banking flexibility and availability, we have established our presence in several strategic locations in Ghana; Achimota (Azuma area), Dansoman, Lapaz, Kwashiman, Tema, Takoradi, and Tarkwa with our corporate head office at Achimota, in Accra. We aim to serve and provide our clients in the Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions our very best of services.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

What Goldman stands for.

We approach every aspect of our work with the highest level of professionalism when working with clients.

We operate with the highest standards of integrity and trust; knowing that our clients and community value our integrity, we have taken this responsibility very seriously

We dedicated to a cause of providing the most trusted and reliable banking service.

We also provide value-added services to our customer consistent with our mission and mindful of our legacy.

We operate with the highest standard of respect, which is shown to our clients, superiors, and colleagues.

We operate in a transparent manner and adhere to the highest standards of business which include honesty, fairness, and discretion.


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.