CEO Message

CEO Message

Goldman Capital, over the years has been operating with the theme; Service, Stability and Integrity. It was a very modest but important beginning, when this company started operating in 2010. Compared with other institutions, we are still growing and have managed to establish ourselves in the sector, where our business model has been looked at from being centralized to a decentralized organization to be close to our clients and to meet their needs on a case by case basis.

We strive to respond to every challenge with zeal and remain focused and committed to our mission and values i.e. to provide tailor-made financial solutions delivered to reach our clients in an affordable, effective, professional and mutually beneficial way.

Goldman Capital has been able to remain a dynamic organization in this fast changing economy by the grace of God and the strength of our forward-thinking staff who have worked diligently towards the growth of the company.

We have over the years witnessed growth and expansion in business and clientele, and made our presence in Tarkwa, Takoradi, Tema and Accra. Today customers can walk into any of these branches of Goldman Capital to enjoy our products and tailor-made services.

Goldman Capital pursues professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness, commitment, respect, trust and honesty in dealing with clients.

Walk into any of our branches and experience our unique banking services, excellent customer service and take advantage of opportunities Goldman Capital has to offer. With us, your financial support is as solid as gold.